Common answers to your questions

How does OBX Treasure Hunt™ work?

After you purchase a hunt online and enter the mobile number you will use to play the game at checkout, you will receive a starting text message on your phone.

When you are ready to start, text “OK” to the phone number provided. You will receive 10 clues in numerical order. You must solve each clue by texting the correct answer to move forward and receive the next message.

If at any point you need help or get stuck, just send in the word “HINT”. We provide 3 hints per clue.

How do I win the treasure hunt?

That’s easy, to win the treasure hunt you have to solve all 10 clues! The player with the fastest time might make it atop the leaderboard. Try not to use any hints!

What days and times are available?

OBX Treasure Hunters™ know (almost) no limits! You can play our scavenger hunt games at any time.

Be mindful that Wright Brothers National Memorial and Jockey’s Ridge State Park have hours we have to be mindful of. Double-check park hours before starting at those two locations.

How long do the hunts take?

Each adventure is designed to last about an hour, but remember this can be a timed competition (if you dare!)

Can I play all 5 treasure hunt locations?

Of course! We encourage you to play all treasure hunt locations. You can buy all five hunts and save $15! After playing, please feel free to brag to everyone that you know the Outer Banks best.

I lost my starting code. Now what?

Email contact@obxtreasurehunt.com. Provide the mobile number you want to use and we will send you the code.

How long do starting codes last? When does the treasure hunt start?

The starting code expires after 4 weeks. The timed treasure hunt begins when you send the starting code text message.

Is the pricing for each person or each mobile phone?

Pricing is set up for each mobile phone. If you want to have a group of 5 and only use 1 phone, you can. You should purchase a hunt for every mobile phone you want to respond to clues with.

What kind of mobile phones can be used?

Any phone that can receive SMS messaging will receive clues and work for our treasure hunt.

Can I get a refund?

No, we have a no refund policy.

Is there an age requirement?

Our game is designed for ages 13 and up. We encourage players under 18 to compete with parental approval or guidance.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, each location allows dogs but they must be on leashes no longer than 6 feet.

Where do the hunts start?

Each location has different starting locations and you can begin anywhere. Since you were smart enough to look on the FAQ page here are some helpful hints.

Manteo: Waterfront pier near the Roanoke Island Inn

Wright Brothers Memorial: Ground level near the base of the hill

Jockey’s Ridge: The entrance that enters through the sand at the main parking lot

Duck: Main parking lot near the duck pond

Whalehead: Main parking lot facing the Whalehead House, big and yellow, you can’t miss it

Why don’t I see my name on the leaderboard?

Please allow 24 hours. If you don’t see it after 24 hours, email contact@obxtreasurehunt.com.

Don’t Have a Clue?

Send us a submission through our contact form to get your OBX Treasure Hunt Questions answered.