Jockey’s Ridge Treasure Hunt

Time to Complete – 1 Hour

Difficulty Level – ★★★

Can you help Maya locate the treasure without getting caught by her arch nemesis? The clock is ticking, pick up your shovel and let’s get started!

Once upon a time, Maya was a kick-butt treasure hunter. Think Indiana Jones and Tomb Raiser combined. Maya has explored just about everywhere. From Egyptian tombs in the hazy Sahara to ancient ruins of Mayan Temples, Maya has seen it all. While her knowledge of sandy environments has made her an expert in exploration, finding the treasure buried deep under Jockey’s Ridge might be her hardest feat yet!

Jockey’s Ridge Scavenger Hunt Rules

This won’t be easy, you will have to dig deep to find this treasure. During this treasure hunt, all the clues and answers can be found around Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head. You won’t need to come into contact with anybody, all locations will be outdoors, and on public property. No answers require touching or lifting items. If you encounter others please be respectful and stay 6 feet apart at all times. The 10 clues will be delivered by text, if at any point you get stuck just reply “hint” for more info. Safety is our top priority.

Using the internet to look up answers is considered cheating and takes away from the spirit of the game. The treasure hunt is timed and should take about an hour so make sure to have water and sunscreen. You will have to cross Jockey’s Ridge or drive to the sound side access. Please be aware of your surroundings and weather conditions. Now let’s get going!

About Nags Head, North Carolina

Jockey’s Ridge State Park is a towering landmark of sand dunes reaching 80 to 100 feet in Nags Head. From the top, Jockey’s Ridge looks more like a barren and formidable desert than it does a coastal community. The sand dunes were formed thousands of years ago. Even today the sands are constantly shifting and changing. Experts theorize the dunes were created from a series of storm surges and hurricanes that pushed offshore shoals inland. Over centuries, the sand accumulated into the massive dunes that still stand today.

While Jockey’s Ridge is certainly the biggest attraction at Jockey’s Ridge State Park, there are a ton of recreational activities to enjoy here. Jockey’s Ridge is a world-renowned hang-gliding attraction. Across the park, there are outdoor activities for everyone: extensive nature trails for hiking and a sound side beach for watersports like kayaking or just swimming. This State Park has something for the entire family to be entertained!


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