Outer Banks Team Building & Corporate Group Activities

Our text message scavenger hunts as team-building & corporate group activities engage employees on a whole new level. Your team will foster connections while building trust with one another! 

Perfect for both small business teams, corporate trainings, and school groups. Our unique team building activities encourages people to get outside and work together. 

Our interactive text message scavenger hunts can be designed to develop problem solving skills. By completing the riddles at all 5 locations you can explore the Outer Banks while enhancing team spirit!

How OBX Treasure Hunts Work for In-Person Team Building

Energize longtime employees, orient a new team, or simply break up your normal office routine. You choose the location and we’ll serve up your competition. 

We make planning an in-person team building activity easy. Here’s how OBX Treasure Hunt works for in-person team building events. 

Step #1

Pick Your OBX Team Building Location

Choose from one (or all) of our 5 OBX team building locations in Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head, and Manteo. Take a trip back in time as you discover some of the most iconic Outer Banks landmarks. 

Even if you have visited one of these locations in the past, our interactive scavenger hunts make turn your favorite educational experiences into digital fun.

Step #2

Choose Your Team

We can accommodate any group size! First you will need to decide if you want to split into small groups and work together on a shared device or complete the hunt individually. 

A treasure hunt should be purchased if each player if every player in the group wants to use their phone to receive text messages. 

Otherwise, decide how your treasure hunting teams will be set up and purchase a hunt for each number of teams. 

Step #3

Ready, Set, Text Us to Start

Be sure to enter your cell phone number at check out when you purchase your hunt(s). You will receive a text message from OBX Treasure after your purchase.

Text “OK” to the phone number provided when all players and teams are ready to start exploring the location!  You can stagger start times or play simultaneously, it’s all up to you. 

Step #4

Solve Clues for Friendly Competition

Each team will encounter 10 text message clues they will need to solve. There are 3 hints per clue if you answer incorrectly.

Here’s where the friendly competition comes in. Each wrong answer or use of a clue will cost you time! Work together to solve each clue cohesively to end up on the leaderboard!

Why Teams Love OBX Treasure Hunt

We make having an in-person team building event on the Outer Banks easy. Here are just a few reasons teams love OBX Treasure Hunt. 

Iconic Sceneries

Customizable Group Sizes

Flexible Booking Dates

100% Lead By Your Team 

Competitive Leaderboard

Outer Banks Team Building Activity Locations

Build confidence in teams of all ages on the Outer Banks at any of our 5 treasure hunting locations. 



Jockey’s Ridge

Wright Brothers

The Town of Duck

Solve All 5 Locations