Whalehead Treasure Hunt

Time to Complete – 1 Hour

Difficulty Level – ★★★★

For years, Granny has protected treasures hidden around the Historic Corolla Village, Whalehead Club, and Currituck Lighthouse. Some people say that she reminds them of the old lighthouse keeper’s wife. With Granny’s memory quickly fading, she has forgotten where the treasure is.

Miss Granny needs your help to relocate the heirlooms! Can you navigate the sprawling village to find where she left the treasure last?

Corolla Whalehead Scavenger Hunt Rules

During this treasure hunt, all the clues and answers can be found around the Whalehead Club, the Historic Corolla Village, and Currituck Lighthouse. The Corolla Scavenger Hunt Rules are simple and safety is our top priority.

  • You will not cross highway 12 at any time.
  • You won’t need to come into contact with anybody.
  • All locations are outside and on public property.
  • No answers require touching or lifting items.
  • If you encounter other visitors, be respectful and stay 6 feet apart at all times.

The 10 clues will be delivered by text. If at any point you get stuck just reply “hint” for more info. You only get 2 hints before the answer is provided and you move on to the next clue. Using the internet to look up answers or giving answers away is considered cheating and takes from the spirit of the game. The treasure hunt is timed and should take about an hour so make sure to have water and sunscreen. Please be aware of your surroundings and weather conditions. Now let’s get going!

About Corolla, North Carolina

Corolla is a small village on the Northern Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are endless shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks for you to explore. In the Whalehead OBX Treasure Hunt, you’ll get to see some of the most popular destinations. We encourage you to take the time to see the view from atop the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, tour the beautifully restored Whalehead Club mansion, and stroll down the sandy streets of the Historic Corolla Village.

Corolla is most notably home to thousands of wild Spanish mustangs. The horses are believed to be descendants of shipwrecked horses from hundreds of years ago. Today they roam the remote and secluded shoreline that spans 24 miles. Take a drive on the 4×4 beaches to see them for yourself!


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